Robotic Massage Chair

March 8, 2009

Human Touch iJoy-300 Robotic Massage Chair

Human Touch iJoy-300 Robotic Massage Chair, Black Faux Suede

Meet your new best friend. Inside every iJoy Robotic Massage Chair are the “hands” of a trained massage professional just waiting to provide you with a soothing back massage. Our multi-patent Robotic Massage Technology massage system so closely replicates the therapeutic techniques used by back and spinal care professionals that it is the preferred technology of the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists. It is designed to follow the natural contour of your spine and move three-dimensionally in four different modes: rolling, kneading, compression and percussion. Rolling feels like the gentle hands of a massage therapist, pressing firmly on one side of your spine, then the other. Kneading feels like thumbs pressing firmly in a circular motion on both sides of the spine; this motion goes deeper, lifting and stretching the muscles to improve circulation. Compression feels like the heels of a professional therapist’s hands firmly pushing on muscles alongside your spine; this aids in improving mobility and posture. Percussion feels like fists or the edge of hands rapidly tapping on your back; this invigorating deep muscle therapy is popular in sports medicine.

– Features a 2 motor, 4 roller massage robot on a contoured track
– Manual vertical positioning of rollers to target tough spots in Kneading, Compression and Percussion modes
– Head pillow for comfortable sitting even when not using the massage
– Corded, easy to use controller stores neatly within easy reach

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