Benefits of Exercise

July 4, 2008

Why Exercise?
There are many physical, emotional and mental benefits for exercising. A regular exercise routine can help you;

Lose unwanted pounds and maintain your weight Reduce the risk of diabetes Have greater endurance Reduce stress, thereby relieving depression Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke Have increased energy and concentration Reduce the risk of osteoporosis

Finding the Time and Motivation.

What seems to hold most of us back from starting an exercise routine is, one, gaining the motivation to just get started and two finding the time. It helps to remind yourself of all that you have to gain from just a 15 to 30 minute block of time each day. Focus on the benefits, the most visible will be the change in your physical appearance. With the physical changes comes an increase in self esteem which in itself is a great motivational factor. It may take a few weeks but with a little time and determination you will begin to both see and feel the benefits beginning to happen.

How many times have you wanted to start an exercise program and did not because you just could not figure out how you could possibly work it into your schedule? I know I have had that thought many times. I also know that I will make time my schedule for whatever I deem important. But, just how important are all the daytime and evening TV programs we watch? How much more do we have to gain by sacrificing some other activity for 30 minutes of exercise? With all that said now is the time to choose which type of exercise you would enjoy doing.

Types of Exercise.

There is no one exercise program that is just right for everyone, it is a very personal decision. When making this decision, remember that exercise is supposed to be fun. So choose something you enjoy doing but make sure it gets your heart pumping. Aerobics is defined as exercise that uses large muscle groups continuously and rhythmically. This makes the heart and lungs work harder which helps to lower your resting heart rate and burn calories. Just about any exercise can be done to music, in fact most people prefer to have music playing while they work out. You will naturally find yourself working out in time to the beat regardless of what type of exercise you are doing.

Anything that gets you on your feet and moving is exercise. Some of the more popular choices are;

Aerobics, biking, Skiing, Power Walking, Jogging, Inline Skating, Swimming, Palettes, Yoga, Tai chi and other Martial Arts, Hiking, Basketball, Soccer, most sports, the list is endless. Within these there are many variations as well.

Don’t feel like you have to join a gym or purchase expensive equipment. That is simply not true. You can start with simple things like taking the stairs, walking at lunch time or after work. There are also lots of inexpensive but very helpful videos and books that teach aerobic, yoga, palettes and exercises for each muscle group to help you get started. So, with this information and now knowing you have lots of choices lets get up and move toward being healthier and happier.

: article by Deby