In this article I’m going to touch on 5 common sense, easy tips to help you burn fat fast, which in turn will help you lose weight. But I’ve got to warn you, these tips and strategies alone are not a magic pill that will cut pounds off your body. To do that you need a holistic approach of healthy eating and exercise.These are just a few of the strategies I’ve found to help live a healthier lifestyle and to keep my weight under control.

1 – Too many eggs can spoil the party. Try not to eat too many eggs; egg yolks are very high in fat, approximately 10% (10 grams of fat in 100), of which 27% is saturated fat, which clearly has implications for people at risk from high cholesterol or people who may be susceptible to high cholesterol. Try not to eat too many, less than 4 a week if possible.

2 – Break bad habits! If you have a habit of scoffing chocolates after your meal or as a snack, stop. Make them a luxury and an occasional treat, not a regular routine. Chocolates shouldn’t really be part of your diet at all, your body DOESN’T need chocolate, so don’t over do it, if you do have some. Make it a luxury you look forward to, maybe once a week to keep yourself sane and to reward yourself for your hard work during the rest of the week.

3 – Don’t just eat foods from one particular food group. To maintain a healthy diet you need to eat foods from every food group, every day. Fad diets where you just eat one food group are just that, fads, they don’t work long term because it’s not a healthy way to live. By avoiding or cutting out certain food groups, you are making yourself more susceptible to deficiencies and potential illness. Vary your diet on a day to day basis to keep yourself sane and stop you from getting bored of healthy eating – with the right recipes, healthy eating is fun!

4 – Don’t drink alcohol. This is a tough one for many people. But the simple fact of the matter is that alcohol is not good for you and has a very high calorie content. Not only is alcohol very fattening, it also lowers you inhibitions, and the diet that you’ve stuck to so well, will disappear into thin air after a few drinks, and the kebab or pizza shop/takeaway will start calling you.

5 – Get up and eat. Make sure that you eat within at least an hour of getting out of bed. You need to food to break the fast, to kick your metabolism back up a gear and charge up your body for a hard days work. Don’t wait around getting hungry, you need that food in your system, breakfast is far and away the most important meal of the day, miss it and you miss out. It doesn’t need to be big, but it needs to be healthy.

Right there are 5 simple tips you can put to use in your life immediately, to help get you on to the fast track to a leaner, healthier body. As I like to say, it’s not rocket science, you just the right direction, plenty of determination and commitment, and you’ll be hitting those goals quicker than you could imagine. Just remember to incorporate both healthy eating and exercise into your life if you want to reap the rewards and burn fat fast.

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